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Spring Weed Control

Enter the Spring Season with No Stress!

With spring being right around the corner, it is now the best time to start thinking about opening up your shed and pulling out the tools to get your lawns ready for the upcoming season. The growing season of spring also shows that it’s almost time for one of the most important parts of lawn maintenance of the whole year, and that is early spring lawn weed control

How do weeds start growing in your lawn?

The moment weeds start taking the foothold of your lawn, they begin stealing away important nutrients, mainly sunlight and water from the soil. This creates competition for space and nutrients, leaving your grass weak, undernourished, and prone to various diseases and drought. 

An effective way to prevent this early spring lawn weed control is to attack the weed before it starts growing. Here We, the best weed control company in Amherst, have a guide to help you understand spring weed control, and we also have the best tips for you to get an upper hand over lawn weed control in spring

It All Depends on the Timing!

Weeds start germinating when the temperature of soil has reached 50 degrees or higher. If the temperature of soil stays between 50-55 degrees for at least a week or more, then the weeds will slowly start growing out of the soil. Usually, you can see the weed start emerging in your lawn around late March or the early days of April. In order to start lawn weed control in spring, you should start off by monitoring your soil temperature. This allows you to prepare yourself and take proper steps so you can perform early spring lawn weed control before the weeds get a chance to pop out. 

How to Prevent Weed Growth with Cover Crops and Fertilizers?

If you have a keen interest in gardening, you must have experienced feeling very excited to start spring planting as soon as the cold winter days end and you can finally break soil again. While the excitement to start planting your spring plants never goes away, you can also feel disappointed that the garden will get covered in weeds if you don’t start spring weed control at the right time. Luckily, there is another way for you to avoid this stress and that’s by planting spring cover crops for weed control. Being the best weed control company in Amherst, we help you plant cover crops to prevent winter weeds and prepare your garden soil for spring. 

Cover crops, also known as “green manure” serve several purposes and are the key element of spring cover crop weed control. They prevent the growth of weeds and help in fertilizing the soil. In addition to that, cover crops protect the soil during harsh winter weather, preventing it from erosion and compaction while also keeping it loose and suitable for growing plants. 

Benefits of using fertilizer

One of the biggest benefits of cover crops is that it is effective for spring fertilizer weed control. Cover crops prevent weed seeds from getting sun exposure and provide shade to the soil so the soil temperature can remain low. They also leave very few resources for the weeds to survive by consuming water and other nutrients from the soil. Instead of having a garden covered in weeds like bittercress and henbit during spring, you can enter the season with loose soil and light which is perfect for planting. If you are interested in getting our services. we recommend you to contact our team.

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