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A Complete Guide to Hardscape Construction

A Complete Guide to Hardscape Construction

Take a look into your backyard, and you will find varied creations of hardscape construction! Be it the brick patio you got constructed, the fence that protects your house, or the driveway you had someone build – all are elements of hardscaping. 

If you’re new to hardscaping, let’s brush up on your knowledge right here! Today we will discuss the basics of hardscape construction and learn about common elements of hardscaping – that can accentuate your outdoor space on any given day.

What Is Hardscape Construction?

Hardscaping is a type of landscaping that incorporates non-living materials and elements in your yard. The most commonly used hardscape materials include:

  • Stone
  • Concrete
  • Metal
  • Wood
  • Sand
  • Brick

Hardscaping is an integral step towards instilling landscaping in your household. Most of the landscaping designs won’t be possible without incorporating hardscaping. For instance, elevated areas in your lawn, retaining walls, barriers, improved irrigation – are vital parts of your landscaping. These added features constitute elements of hardscaping.

Hardscaping adds aesthetic value to your property. Embracing hardscape will help show off your beautiful outdoor area but will improve the practicality of your space. 

What Is Included In Hardscaping?

Practically, hardscape construction involves any functional or decorative additions to your landscaping. These includes

Brick Patios

This hardscape design helps enhance your front porch and creates a cozy gathering space for you, your family, and guests. 

Concrete Patios

Concrete patios are the ideal hardscaping design for a cozy corner – and require little maintenance. They’re reasonably easy to clean and sweep and are harder to accumulate dust. You can style it up by adding some classy tiles. 

Flagstone Patios

They’re the low-cost alternative to the other patio designs. Nonetheless, this hardscaping element adds a lovely look to your front area. 

Gravel Pathways

They’re the more affordable hardscaping option for stone or brick walls.

Stone Walkways

This hardscaping element creates the perfect pathways with a natural look for your garden path. 

Metal Fences

These fences are usually made from coated steel or iron to keep your home safe.  

Wooden Gazebos, Arbors, and Pergolas

Adding this hardscaping element in your backyard provides you with an escape from sunlight while adding a fantastic look to your house. An arbor is the same as a pergola and attaches all the buildings of your land. 

Water Features Such As Fountains and Ponds

Another impressive hardscaping element that accentuates your outdoor space and creates a calm environment. 

Should You Care About Hardscape Construction?

As most hard landscaping contractors will tell you, hardscaping is much more than just adding beautiful features to your house. It gives structure to your outdoor space and adds privacy and safety while elevating the aesthetics.

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