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Laying Sod in Winter

Is sodding a Logical Thing To Do in Winter?

The question of laying sod in winter comes along with new house construction where there is a lot of dirt and un-landscaped move-in coincides with the chill of winter. One of the most important conditions to be certified for occupancy of bare ground for a construction site is that the ground needs to have plants growing on it to stabilize the soil and prevent erosion. 

We are frequently asked this question if sod can be installed in winter. The answer to this question depends on two factors: 

  • The kind of sod you are installing
  • The area of a country where you are

Jumpstart on your new lawn

One of the benefits of laying new sod in winter is that you get the advantage of not using that much amount of water, which you would have used in summer times. whereas if your grade is set then you can lay sod on the frozen ground. As the seasons’ transition gradually we move into spring where we get a lot of rain and wet snow which helps in grounding your new yard. If you wait for spring you might have to work in wet weather and mud, the sod requires to be installed when it is unfrozen so that it can be easily cut because trying to cut frozen sod is like cutting concrete. Instead, try warming it in the garage!

You can plant sod in cold weather, dormant sod settles down slowly in this time of the year but as soon as the temperature rises, the grass starts growing in. We recommend you cover up that dirt to get a jump on establishing a new lawn.

If you are interested in laying sod in winter in Amherst we can help you greatly with that, our sod installation professionals can take care of all your requirements and do the job as per your customizations. 

About our company

Amherst Landscaping, we are a sod installation company in Amherst and we believe in living outdoors, what could be a better place to enjoy than your backyard? Don’t look at your backyard like a chunk of shrubbery and greenery, it is a place that is an enjoyable space for your family and you. For many years our team has been dedicated to helping our customer’s backyard reach their full potential.

Briefly, two types of sod that get installed:

Winter-season turfgrass

Kentucky Bluegrass, tall fescue, fine fescues, etc can be positioned any time of the year in the entire United States. They are more suited to cool weather and can withstand being installed in the middle of winter. If you are laying fescue sod in winter then it might lay dormant on the top layer of soil and it will start growing once the temperature warms up in summer. This dormancy of sods in winter is normal in cooler parts of the country.

Summer-season turfgrass

Bermudagrass, Zoysia, Centipede) these warm-season sods can be planted year-round in the southern parts of the nation. These sods should be planted in the growing weather in parts of the country that are subject to long-term freezy weather. The reason behind this is, long exposure to cold temperatures after being installed kills freshly installed turfgrass.

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