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Top 5 Lawn Watering Tips For Maintaining Healthy & Green Outdoors

Spring is here – meaning it’s “that” time of the year to re-shift our focus on our lawn again! 

Honestly, there’s no point repeating the advantages of a green and well-kept lawn (we all know it now)! Along with enhancing the visual appeal of the landscape, a green and healthy surrounding helps soothe our mind and our body.

To keep our lawn clean and healthy, people swear by mowing and fertilizing – and that’s true! But in addition to these two lawn caring methods, proper lawn irrigation plays a pivotal role in guaranteeing the health and lushness of your lawn.

Beware! By irrigation, we didn’t mean just to fill up your lawn with water and expect the grasses to grow green. In reality, there’s a delicate balance between watering the right amount and drenching the lawn. And along with quantity, timing also matters.

So before you start on your sprinkler systems, here are five essential lawn watering tips that you need to keep in mind to maintain a greener lawn.

5 Essential Lawn Watering Tips for a Healthier and Greener Lawn

Right Time to Water Your Lawn

Watering at the right time is crucial for grass health. Even though most homeowners tend to have free time in the evening hours – but watering in the night hours is one of the worst times to irrigate your lawn – as there’s no sunlight to absorb and dry up excess droplets. The stagnant water can result in fungus and other diseases due to the excessive moisture on the grass blades.

Early mornings are considered the best lawn watering time. Between 4 am to 8 am, the air is cooler, and winds are calmer. There will be fewer chances of evaporation, and grass will have a chance to dry out before the sun’s heat reaches its peak.

Match The Amount of Water to the Soil Type

Different kinds of soil require different amounts of water, and an excess of it will run off the lawn. Make sure to understand your soil type and watering needs before setting a watering schedule for your lawn.

If you have doubts, contact expert landscape and lawn care professionals of Amherst Landscaping. Our lawn care experts will be happy to provide you with the best ways and necessary details to make your yard greener.

Make The Most Out of Rain

It’s important that you avoid overwatering your lawn. Most lawns only require approx one inch of water in a week. To be efficient and conservative about your water resources, make sure you measure how much rainfall you receive in your area (you can place empty cans in your lawn, too!). Also, if you think your yard has received required water irrigation from the rain, don’t put in more – as the standing water can harm your lawn’s health and attract mosquitoes too.

Choose the Right Sprinkler for Your Lawn Needs

Choosing the right sprinkler with the right spray pattern will make it easier to water your lawn. Remember, every home is different; every lawn is also different and requires different kinds of care to remain healthy. The latest sprinklers can easily cover almost any lawn space and distinct spray patterns to cover all the area efficiently.

Monitor Weather & Temperatures

Typically, lawns require about 1-1.5 inches of water to thrive and be healthy. Be aware of various factors such as temperature, rainfall patterns, and sunlight in your area. Dry and hot weather requires frequent watering, while an influx of rain would require you to scale back your watering practices.

Your Takeaway!

If you have a lawn that needs professional care or you want more lawn watering tips, reach out to Amherst Landscaping! We are known for providing the best landscape and lawn services in Amherst and western New York.

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