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Snow Removal Techniques

Best Snow Removal Techniques To Keep Workers Safe From Snow Removal Hazards

If you’re operating snow removal services in Amherst, you certainly know the hazards  and the injuries that come with it. Slips, falls,  injuries,  muscle sprains – anything can happen during snow removal.

Only proper snow removal techniques can ensure the safety of your snow removal employees (also your records). To know more about snow removal tips to keep matters safe for your workers whilst removing snow, read below.

Driveway Shoveling Tips

Removing snow from driveways may look like a piece of cake. But, if you fail to do it the correct way, injuries are bound to happen. So, your valuable employees need to follow a few cautious steps to keep safe while they are working hard to keep driveways safe for clients. Here’s what they need to –

1. Warming up is a must

Snow removal is strenuous work. Hence, the employees must prep up their bodies for the tough job. Train them on a few warm-up techniques that will keep them away from muscle fatigue and strains.

2. Using the right equipment to make work easy

The employees should never use the first tool they find for the snow shoveling task. Look for shovels that conform to ergonomic standards. They are lighter than the traditional shovels, implying less strain with each movement. 

3. Maintain a proper stance while shoveling

The proper snow shoveling stance is to first spread the legs about hip-width apart and keep the shovel close to the body. Then, start pushing the snow in narrow lines to avoid the need for heavy lifting.

4. Lift with the correct load

While lifting, always keep the load small and use the right lifting techniques. Never fill the shovel completely with snow. That’s because snow is naturally heavy. Lifting too much of it will automatically lead to muscle injury and back pains.

5. Listen to your body

While working, listen to the signs of body fatigue. Ask the employees to take frequent breaks in between the work to rest their body and to avoid physical strain. 

If any of them is experiencing shortness of breath or chest pains, stop with the work immediately. In case it does not go away soon, seek medical help immediately.

Tips For Snow Removal

There are a few clever tactics to make the tedious snow removal task a little easier. Read how – 

  • Start the work early – Shovel the snow as soon as it starts accumulating. In this way, your employees won’t have to work tirelessly when the snow piles up heavily.
  • Spread salt as you shovel – Leaving behind a layer of salt while shoveling the snow will keep traction for the next pass. This will make snow removal fairly easy the second time around.
  • Make use of cutting-edge snow removal equipment – Shovels are easy to work within small driveways and sidewalks. But for bigger areas, you need bigger and better equipment. Make sure your employees have all kinds of equipment to perform the work safely and efficiently.

Final Words

Your employees are your company’s assets. Keeping them safe is essential to maintain your company’s morale and profits. Hence, make sure to follow all the mentioned snow removal techniques to prevent any unwanted injuries.

Hire Certified & Insured Snow Removal Workers From Amherst Landscaping

At Amherst Landscaping, all our employees are trained and insured to prevent any work mishaps and injuries. Our team makes sure to clear away the slippery snow from your properties safely, efficiently, and quickly.

In the coming winter, join hands with our team!

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