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Signs of Grubs in Lawn

Lawn Grubs: 7 Tell-Tale Signs Of Vexing Grubs Grubbing Your Lawn

Although we all loathe grubs, we can agree that these tiny insects are perfectly named. When grubs invade our lawns, they literally grub the grass and cause damages that can give you nightmares. 

If you’re concerned that grubs are grubbing up your grass, then you need to look for signs of grubs in lawn. Below, we’ve listed some signs of grubs  to help your search and confirm or deny your suspicion.

1. Do you notice beetles or moths flying around grass level?

White grubs are the larval stage of beetles. The harmful larval grubs that feed your grass mature into beetles. But not all species of beetles that hover around your lawn are matured grubs.

So, although seeing beetles on your lawn may not be sure signs of grubs in lawn, it could also indicate that one is imminent. This kind of beetle looks for a healthy lawn to lay their eggs to ensure that their babies have sufficient food. Then, down the line, these babies will emerge into the larval grubs that cause havoc on the lawn. 

Thus, if you notice moths or beetles flying around your yard, keep a close eye on them.

2. Are more animals hanging out on your lawn?

If you do notice increasing animal activity in your lawn, that could be a sign that the animals are enticed to a grub population in the yard. 

Visiting animals can cause other problems too. Your grass may take a hard hit as the animals may dig and toss dirt to hunt for grubs. So, do keep a close eye on the animal activity going on your lawn.

3. Are there brown patches on your lawn?

When your lawn is under attack by grubs, the grass will turn brownish and thin. You may notice these brown patches in your lawn more during late summer or early fall.

Grubs amp up their eating during this period. Hence, the damaged and dead grass becomes more and more visible. Factors like drought or disease also cause brown patches on lawns. To confirm if the brown patches are or aren’t signs of grub infestation in the lawn, contact Amherst Landscaping.

4. Does the grass feel bouncy?

If your grass feels spongy or loose as you walk on it, those may be signs of grubs attacking your precious lawn. Grubs are unique as they feed on the root structure of grass. As a result, the connection between the green turf and root base weakens. In case your grass does feel spongy, do call the landscaping & lawn care in Amherst.

5. Did you actually see grubs on your lawn?

It’s usually normal to have a few grubs living in healthy yards. That doesn’t necessarily imply an infestation. But if you want to re-confirm your suspicion, dig a few small spots in your suspicious area.

In case more than five grubs show up per square foot, your lawn is surely infested. 

Pro-Tip -Grubs are off-white with brown heads, three pairs of legs, and chubby bodies. They usually form a C-shape when exposed. 

How to get rid of lawn grubs?

Amherst Landscaping has got your back on grub or any other creepy attacks on your lawn. Our landscapers keep the lawn healthy in the first place to keep away lawn grubs. Even if your garden does get infested with grubs, we have grub control treatments to nip them for once and all.

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