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Spring Lawn Care

7 Quick Tips For Spring Lawn Care

Spring is the time to shape up your lawn to the optimal shape and get it ready for the summer season. Early spring care ensures a healthy and fresh-looking property filled with lush and greenery.

To guarantee that your grass stays in prime condition in this growing season, here are some quick spring lawn care tips from lawn care specialists of Amherst Landscaping.

Spring Lawn Care Tips To Foster A Great Lawn

Check your hoses

The first tip of spring lawn care is to start with the right tools and a sturdy hose. Make sure you buy a long hose that can water the whole lawn and reach all flower beds.

Water the right way

You should only water your lawn when it needs it. When the grass starts growing at the beginning of the season, a little dry ground can facilitate the roots to grow deep into the ground. Deep roots can help the grass survive drought conditions. Hence, holding off on too much watering at the beginning of the season is actually beneficial for your grass.

Fill in the blanks (with seed or sod)

Never leave any bare patch in your lawn unattended otherwise, weeds will start growing in them. Make sure you fill them with green seeds or sod patches.

  • For seeds- first, rake and prepare the soil, sow the seeds, and then cover it with a few handfuls of fresh topsoil.
  • For sod – Rake and prepare and then cut the patch to fit and press it firmly into the soil and create a good soil contact with the sod.

Also, make sure to water them daily.

Keep weeds under control

Weeds compete with the grass and absorb soil’s nutrients. So make sure you grub out all dandelions and pull out chickweeds. If hand weeding is not possible, look for a suitable organic herbicide for your lawn. Consult with a garden expert to know which herbicide is best for the weeds. 

Not to mention, weed removal is one of the most crucial steps of spring lawn care.

Get your lawnmower ready

During the gardening season, one piece of equipment you’ll need regularly is the lawnmower. Before you start mowing, make sure the mower is serviced by a technician. He will check the sharpness of the blades, the air filters, belts, spark plugs, and the battery. Keep the mower clean throughout the season by using a concentrated spray from a cleaning nozzle.

Don’t bag grass clippings

Grass clippings are full of nitrogen that can be a great source of nutrients for the lawn. Instead of bagging the clipping, let the mower chop them and recycle them back into the soil. If you don’t want to have clippings in your yard, then toss the bag into the compost pile, and the nitrogen in them can speed up the decomposition process.

Wait before fertilizing

Contrary to popular belief, spring is actually not the best time to fertilize. Fertilizing your lawn in the early spring will encourage rapid growth and will also give a boost to weeds. For cool-season lawns, the best time to fertilize them is fall. And in the case of warm-season lawns, wait until the fourth mowing before you apply fertilizer.

And Most Importantly!

If you feel your knowledge is not up to par about lawn care, it’s better you call and take the help of an expert rather than just go on to harm your lawn. Amherst Landscaping can help you with bringing back your lawn from the winter dormancy, along with lawn maintenance. The company is famous for providing the best landscaping service in Amherst

Call and schedule your appointment with the certified landscaper of Amherst Landscaping today!

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