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Laying SOD: A Step-by-step Guide

The natural SOD grass industry in the USA was valued at over $1.1 billion dollars back in 2017. Now, the value is at a double range until 2022.  The industry is growing so fast because America is just loving the fact of instant gratification received after SOD installation. Just in a couple of days, you are ready with a thick, healthy lawn with natural grass rolls. 

But have you wondered how the process works? In fact, you’d be surprised by how every minute detail is gently checked in every step. Check by yourself in the following

Steps in laying SOD for an instant natural grass lawn

Step 1: Prepare your yard soil

Try following this process to prepare your soil:

  • Use a rototiller to loosen 6-8 inches of the topsoil
  • Apply 2 inches of compost
  • Layer 2-3 inches of clay or sand-like soil to develop drainage.
  • Till in the amendments
  • Apply starter fertilizer based on your solid test results.
  • Lime(Optional)

Step 2: Level your lawn

Make sure that the soil level is 1 inch below the grade level of any paved surface. If it’s not, then use an iron rake to level down any high areas and fill the low ones. For example, unleveled surfaces are mostly in pathways, driveways, walkways, etc. 

Note: Water the soil in case of low moisture. 

Step 3: Lay the first row

Find the longest straight edge across your yard. Done? Now unroll the first section of SOD. While laying SOD, stay off of it and rake up any foot traffic as you go. Remove any folds or loose patches by patting the sod down.  Make sure you do this until the SOD is flat, otherwise there might be air trapped inside. 

Step 4:  Lay the second row

After the first sow, use a knife and cut off to scatter the short cracks. Gently tuck each of the turf pieces close enough to each other. But, that doesn’t mean you’d allow overlapping. 

Doing so, you are making the edges less prone to die or dry out. Again, use the knife to trim sections across the paved areas and plant beds. If you like to think about the future, then cut out holes to plant in-ground sprinkler heads in this step itself. 

Step 5: Watering the SOD

Watering will help to settle the soil. Watering every day in the morning would show the best results. In case you water during the day, all of it will evaporate because of the heat. If you choose to water at night, the SOD bed will become wet and encourage fungus.

Step 6: Install when it’s 3 inches

Mow down to 2 inches when the grass grows to 3 inches high. Since the grass is still fragile, try using a walk-behind mower.  

Step 7: Start fertilizing

Give your grass three to four weeks to grow. Check for nutrition deficiency and fertilize accordingly. But, keeping in mind the timing of four weeks of growth is crucial to apply the starter fertilizer. 

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Are you thinking of laying SOD? If yes, then it’s time to buy the best quality from Amherst Landscaping right now. You’d be effectively guided by the above steps for a successful natural SOD grass installation. 

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