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Winter Lawn Care In Amherst: 6 Ways To Make it Easy!

Are you anxious thinking about winter lawn maintenance

Sweeping those fallen leaves, controlling moss, keeping off the wet soil, fungal infections, clearing snow, etc. Ugghh! Everything feels overwhelming. 

But, what if we tell you that you can accomplish this major task (winter yard care) with a few tricks?

Some are thinking “ what’s the point of all these, I can barely see my lawn in winter? ” You’re kinda right. 

Winter is the time when you’ll witness some of the weirdest, nastiest lawn problems that can prove heavy for your pocket.

Word of Wise: Don’t waste your money or time unnecessarily! Bookmark this page or take note of these simple winter lawn care tips  – and keep yourself prepared for the upcoming winter care!

Make Winter Lawn Maintenance Easier With These 6 Tricky Tips

Trick 1: Let’s not step into the wet soil

Is it snowing, drizzling or raining, or monsoon? Either way, at some point your garden will become waterlogged – following the natural occurrences of winter. 

Anytime this happens, stop yourself from walking across the grass.  

What’s the big deal? It’ll dry later anyways!

Yes, it will! But by doing so, you’ll preserve your soil integrity. When you step on the moist ground, your foot digs in and pushes the air out of the soil. 

Without those air pockets, your soil will tighten when it dries out. This will limit the air, water, and nutrients from reaching the roots and limit the ability of your roots to grow deeper. 

If you step on it anyways, then get ready to aerate your lawn next spring.

But, at times we cannot really control situations around us. So, if you need aerating anyways, reach out to your very own lawn care company in Amherst– Amherst Landscaping to do the job for you at an affordable price. 

Trick 2: Caution for frosty mornings

We all love frosty mornings. There aren’t many things as beautiful as a cold morning with your lawn sparkling in the early sunlight – as the rest of the world wakes up. 

These moments are indeed magical. But, it’s also crucial to avoid going outside and strolling across your frozen lawn grasses. By walking across your freezing lawn, you can actually break the grass blades in half – making it vulnerable to diseases. 

This winter lawn care applies at any time of the day!

Let’s tell you how. When Amherst winter freezes, our lawn’s grass blade’s moisture expands, making them highly brittle. At first, you may not notice. But as weeks pass by, you’ll notice brown patches all over it. 

Trick 3: Keep note of winter diseases

Fusarium, a dead spreading fungal disease remains at its peak in winter. Since lawns are really weak as a result of a lack of nutrients in winter, they are vulnerable too.  Infections like red thread and snow mold may spread even more rapidly. 

So, every time you walk across your garden, try and check for any signs of lawn disease.

 Are there any gray/white moldy patches? Or are there any alien-looking circular rings? Drop us a call immediately. We’d diagnose it right away before suggesting you any treatments. 

Trick 4:  Mowing should be done in winter too

Do you also believe that mowing is not for winter? In fact, some people tuck away their mowers as soon as winter kicks in. But that isn’t always the case. 

To be straight, we are not talking about mid-winters here. It’s for the late and early winters. This time of the year, Amherst experiences some mild winter days – mild enough to keep the grass growing. 

If this applies to your lawn too, don’t be afraid to pull the power cord and mow the area to keep it neat. 

But, do not hesitate to call our professional, if you are not comfortable mowing your own.  

  • We make sure that the grass is completely dry before mowing.
  • We blade the mower a few levels lower to make sure that only 1/3 % of the grass is cut. 

Of course, it goes beyond just maintaining a tidy landscape. Hence, we make sure that your lawn receives more sunlight as we remove any debris.

Trick 5: Let’s not rule out moss in winter lawn care

Let’s accept it! We love winters; those snowy evenings, those cozy bedtimes, those holidays, and much more. But guess what? Moss loves it even more. 

This is because moss thrives in damp, chilly, and shaded environments. This essentially sums up Amherst during the initial winter weeks. 

But guess what? You can kill those mosses forever. Let professionals rake and remove them. If you wish we can even make them go away with chemical fertilizers. 

Trick 6: Spread cool-weather grass seeds

The winter-friendly grass seeds could be one of the best treatments for lawns in winter. You‘ll find grass seed packets, that say, “cool weather” or “cool season”. For seeding, you don’t need to invest in a sprinkler. Instead, use the fertilizer spreader. 

But, is your lawn too large? And it’s probably tiring to walk across and sprinkle all alone. No worries! We can use a motorized or a manual sprinkler to spread your grass seeds evenly. 

Thanks for reading our 6 guidelines. We hope this definitely makes your winter lawn care easier in Amherst. 

A Professional in Need is a Friend Indeed

Indeed, you can follow these tips for easier winter lawn care. However, times come, when you need the best advice and assistance. If you are stuck in the same way, look no further than Amherst Landscaping. 

With our years of expertise, we will prove that you’ve made the right decision by choosing us. From weed control to snow removal, we do it all! 

Contact Amherst Landscaping for any winter lawn maintenance!

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