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Stunning Landscape Design To Jazz Up Your Boring Commercial Property

Does your commercial outdoor space look lifeless and uninspiring? Then hire professional landscape and lawn services in Amherst. They can artistically create a mesmerizing commercial landscape design that soothes, inspires, and guides.

Commercial Landscaping Services

Most people think that curb appeal is something only a home should have. But that’s quite wrong. 

The looks of your commercial outdoor space play a huge role in enticing new customers. It sends a message to visitors about you and your business. And you definitely want to make sure it’s the right message. So, hiring a professional landscaper and designing an aesthetic space makes absolute sense for your business.

Look below for some inspiring commercial landscaping design ideas. We’re sure you will find the perfect option for your business space.

Outdoor Commercial Landscaping Options

Focus On Signages

One of the things you must prioritize in your commercial landscape design is external signages. Accentuate the roadside signs with enticing landscaping features. It will effortlessly catch the eyes of passing visitors. 

Add Colors To Match Your Brand

Does your company brand have signature colours? Then splash complementing and contrasting colours in your outdoor flower garden. 

Pay attention to the soil and light conditions on your property. Pick flowers that can thrive. With it, you can avoid the costs of updating your landscaping regularly. 

Complement Building’s Architecture

Your commercial landscape design must complement the style and natural contours of the building. Many commercial properties have a wide entranceway or beautiful windows. If your property has it too, the landscape in a way to frame and highlight these features.

The commercial outdoor design ideas must also fit the building’s architectural style. For instance – if your building has a sleek, minimalist look, choose the landscaping accordingly. Don’t go for vibrant colourful flower beds. Choose a simple yet elegant flower collection.

All-in-all, the landscaping must align with the architecture of the building. It must highlight its best features, not hide or detract from them.

Design Landscapes To Direct Traffic

It’s not enough to make your commercial landscape design beautiful. It must be functional too. 

The landscape design must help direct new visitors to key parts of your building (mainly the entrance). It should also assist them in finding appropriate parking and drop-off spots.

One easy way to guide traffic is to create aesthetic walkways. Use a row of trees, flower beds, or any other plants for it. Lay down the pathway from the parking lot to the entrance. 

To block traffic, use hedges and retaining walls. 

Use Low-Maintenance Native Plants

Try and keep the commercial landscaping maintenance costs as low as possible. A great way to achieve this is by installing native plants.

Native plants are amazing for a commercial landscape design because –

  • They easily fit into a landscape
  • They are well-adapted to the climate
  • They require less care and upkeep

Reflect Company Values

Lastly, the commercial landscape design must reflect your company and its values. Think about the message your business wants to send to visitors and customers. 

For example – do you want to be seen as an eco-friendly business? Then go for the sustainable native plants and rainwater reclamation devices.

Get A Customized Commercial Landscape Design For Your Property

Design a wow landscape with Amherst Landscaping – the best landscaping service in Amherst. Our landscaping experts can create something extraordinary for your property. We lay down smart landscaping choices in a thoughtful way to truly maximize the property’s curb appeal.

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