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Custom-built Landscaping Design for Amherst Homes

fresh breeze swaying our hair, birds chirping, colorful butterflies blending with the flowers!

But it takes much more than it sounds to create such an aesthetic space.

Most importantly, what’s your taste? Do you like beaches or mountains? Did you know you can recreate your favorite vibe in your own backyard?! To help get away with your desired landscaping design, let’s get into some landscaping design ideas.

Landscaping design ideas to create a lovely Amherst landscape

English Garden to tell stories

Also known as English countryside or English cottage, this landscaping design tells stories about summertime. Like spending your childhood summertime at your grandmother’s.

Alongside trees, shrubbery, and florals, a body of water is a common feature in this landscaping design

Want a more classic touch? Amherst landscaping professionals can add a bench, a birdbath, and a bridge along with a cobblestone path and sculptures. A lake or a large pond at the smaller end does the magic.

Tropical landscaping design recreates island vibes

Do you like tropical vibes? You don’t have to fly to a remote island every vacation. Recreate one in your own backyard. A landscaping design with bold colors and lush greenery will do it for you.

Trees like palms, birds of paradise, bougainvillea, hibiscus flowers, jasmine, and orchids can represent your tropical gateway. In structures, we can add torches, tiki statues, or bamboo accents.

Can you imagine recreating the same in your landscape space? So, why not create your own tropical vibe? Let us make your dream come true in Amherst.

Japanese garden serves peace

Adding four essential elements makes this garden a complete space of peace: Plants, water, rock, and ornaments. Design principles like enclosure, balance, asymmetry, symbolism, and borrowed scenery holds strength in this landscaping design. 

Adding waterfalls, koi ponds, and stone basins kick in for a peaceful Japanese garden landscaping design. Do you want to add a more classic elegance? Your landscaping design service can incorporate a bridge to add that elegance to the other features. 

An actual Tuscan feeling

 The Tuscan region is famous for its verdant vineyards, rolling hills, and fragrant olive trees. So do you vibe in the Medici Garden in Tuscany of Italy? Why not create your own slice in the backyard?! 

By the way, you do not need 300 acres of land for that. Let the best landscaping service in Amherst do it in your space. 

 Our Amherst may not be home to olive trees, rolling hills, or vineyards. But, even without these exact elements, we can give your landscaping design a Tuscan feeling.

Adding potted herbs, and citrus plants, we can make your landscape smell and look like a Tuscan landscape. A pergola and an Arbor can create a perfect space to sit and view your masterpiece. 

French gardens for a Renaissance vibe

This landscaping design is inspired by the Italian Renaissance style. The Gardens of Versailles is the biggest example of this style, at a whopping 2,000 acres. Thankfully, we can replicate it on a much smaller scale.

 Even though landscaping design is about the yard, your home is the focal point in this design. Adding shrubs and trees in straight lines leading to your home is the idea. Columns, Trellises, birdbaths or fountains, and cast-iron furniture are excellent signs of a French landscaping design

Get Your Quote for A Customized Landscape

Be it the above designs or a customized landscaping design that you want. We can turn your ideas into reality right away. Considering aspects like your personal preference, weather, and climate, we can give you an estimate.

Get your Amherst Landscaping free quote today!

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