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Yard Care: Biggest Landscaping Mistakes You Could Make This Winter

You probably think there is no need to get the best landscaping service in Amherst in winter. After all, the plants have gone off for hibernating. So, why should you worry about them?

Well, this is one of the grave landscaping mistakes homeowners make. Lack of winter yard care will show up when spring rolls back around. 

So, you need to be a little proactive with winter lawn care. You need to give your yard the best chance to get off to a great start in spring. For that, here are the most common landscaping mistakes you must steer clear off during winter. 

The Don’ts Of Landscaping In Winter Months

1. Cutting Lawns Too Low

This is one of the most recommended landscaping tricks and tips are seen in gardening magazines. As the winter season rolls in, cut lawns lower than you did in the summer. Especially if you have plans to aerate and overseed.

While this is true, there are some landscaping mistakes you can make here. You may cut the lawn too low. 

In general, you must keep your grass around 2.5 inches in height during winters. If you cut lower than that, you risk damaging the grass.

Grass that is too short can’t retain moisture. They won’t be able to perform photosynthesis properly. This leads to deadly fungal diseases and other grave issues.

2. Skipping Watering During Winter Dry Spells

Homeowners forget to water plants when winter gets overly dry. That is one of the biggest landscaping mistakes one can make. 

It is true that plants won’t require as much water during winter. But they still need some water from time to time. Especially if your lawn has a newly planted or transplanted tree or shrub.

3. Failing To Deer-Proof Landscapes

Depending on where you live, this can be one of the landscaping mistakes you may make. Some landscapes are threatened by the roaming herbivore – deer. 

Deer may be garden guests throughout most of the year. But during winter, deer get extra hungry. They will munch on nearly anything they can get to. Even plants that are supposedly deer-resistant.

4. Not Fertilizing Or Worse – Using The Wrong Type

If you are serious about your lawn, do not ever skip the two annual fertilizer applications. They are in “early spring and late fall”.

In the late fall, apply a winter fertilizer that contains phosphorus. Phosphorus boosts root growth and overall plant development. This will help your yard get the nutrition it needs during winter. It will come out stronger than ever in the spring.

5. Failing To Inspect Trees For Injury

Winter can be harsh on your trees. If your trees are already injured, winter is likely going to make it worse. 

So, check your trees once the leaves have fallen from them. You will have a clearer sight of any injuries your tree might have. Inspect for damaged trunks, broken branches, and insect infestations.

6. Skipping Mulch

Winter mulch can be your lawn’s best aid. Especially if you have new additions around the landscape. So don’t forget to skip this step. Install a 2-inch layer of mulch around the base of plants to insulate them from winters.

Get A Greener, More Vibrant Spring Yard With Amherst Landscaping

When it comes to winter landscape care, no one knows it better than our experts.  We carry an extensive knowledge of landscaping mistakes to avoid in winter. Connect with our team and we will enlighten you about it! Hire our landscaping services today!

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