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5 Unknown Points to know about Snow Removal Services

Snow Removal Services – Do you know everything about snow removal services? We don’t think so! Here are some of the best unknown snow removal points we bet you never thought about before.


  1. When to plow?

Do you know what is the most crucial part of hiring snow removal? It is all about knowing the right time to call for professional snow removal services.


So when do you call them? There are some trigger points that indicate the right time to contact tree and snow removal service to avoid any mishaps caused by unremoved snow.

For instance: some areas need snow removal service when the snow accumulates one-inch height, whereas fewer traffic areas need snow removal services near Ireland when the ice accumulates above two inches.


 What does it mean?


It means different areas, different triggers! Hence knowing your personal trigger and when to call snow removal services is of vital importance.


  1. What does “per-push” mean?

We often notice the term “per-push” in snow removal contracts and services – and get confused as to what it means. Per-push implies each time the snow plow pushes the snow in a parking lot. It simply means one initial push until the plow stops –and you can translate per-push to per-services.


But how does it matter?  


Because this term affects the pricing of snow removal services and you must know it to get a better understanding.


  1. How long does snow removal services take?

The amount of time required for the completion of snow removal services depends on various variables, like the amount of snow, the difficulty of the job, the obstacles, the area – and several other factors that come into play.


However, to give you a rough idea, snow removal services by experts like Amherst Landscaping takes a minimum of 4-5 hours if there are no obstacles and the job is undertaken smoothly. And in case the services are interrupted by several obstacles, then it takes a minimum of 6-7 hours – depending on the size of the parking lot or area.

Therefore keep that in mind while scheduling your snow removal services.


  1. Shoveling Sidewalks

Most snow removal services do not include sidewalk shoveling – but that doesn’t mean you don’t need one! If you need sidewalk shoveling, communicate the same with the snow removal company. Unless you let them know about your requirements, you cannot get the services done.

Next time you hire snow removal services, be sure to mention shoveling sidewalks in the contract and ensure that it is included in the proposal.

Our professionals take care of all the needs of the customers, making sure all snow removal activities are completed and never leave the job halfway until our customers are happy and satisfied.


  1. Staking

Professional snow removal companies, like ours, use big equipment and machines to remove the snow from large areas. Therefore before hiring snow removal service, the snow removal company must access the site and the obstacles in the area. Such barriers include speed bumps, drains, curbs, fire hydrants, and several other vital things on the road.

Therefore before hiring snow removal service, taking note of the stakes is crucial to ensure that nothing is being hit or broken up and the snow removal services are being undertaken smoothly.


Amherst Landscaping snow removal services have you covered!

Being one of the most renowned snow removal companies in Ireland, we have been delivering reliable, cost-effective snow and ice removal services for over a decade. Our experts use the best snow removal equipment and tools to give you the best snow removal services at incomparable rates. Once you entrust us with snow removal, be rest assured!

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