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Weed Control: The Big, The Small and Everything in Between – That You Must Know About

Weed Control – Weeds are persistent agricultural pests. Every time the light reaches the soil, weeds will grow and rupture the growth of the vegetation in the surrounding areas – whether you like it or not.

Then how should take control of weeds? Should we just stop the lights from reaching the soil? Even if we do – what would happen to the plants without light?

Certainly, that’s not the best way to deal with weeds. Is there any other way?

Yes! It’s called weed control or weed control management!

If you are new to weed control – great! We have designed this write-up for you. And if you are already aware of types and the methods of weed control – it’s never too late to know more.

So, before getting into details about weed control for lawn, expert landscapers of Amherst landscaping –one of the best weed control company at Amherst – suggest understanding the different types of weed before we get into the importance and methods of weed control.

Types of weed 

  • Broadleaf weed: Anytime you notice weed leaves that aren’t grassy looking or have a very slender sedge, it is broadleaf weed. This type of weed includes chickweed, mock strawberry, dollarweed, wild garlic, henbit, clover, to name a few.
  • Grassy weeds: If the surface of the weed leaves is long and slender blades, it falls under this category of weed—examples: Bahiagrass, Dallisgrass, Johnsongrass and more.
  • Sedge weeds: If you know nutgrass, you will know sedge weeds.

These are just a few types of weed. Other than these, there are endless varieties of weeds that only professionals at Amherst Landscaping can identify and know how to remove.

Importance of weed control

Now that you know about the different types of weed – the next immediate thought is learning the importance of weed control. Amherst landscaping, a renowned weed Control Company in Amherst, laid down these points to help you understand the importance of weed control.

  • Getting weed control during their sprouting time (at the right time) is better and cost-effective rather than getting rid of vast bunches of weed at once.
  • Professional weed control ensures long-lasting effects.
  • Mechanical weed control saves your time and energy, and our weed control professionals know how to handle it the best way.
  • Regular weed control by Amherst Landscaping will prevent weeds from coming back.
  • Weed Control helps to maintain a tidy and neat lawn.

Do you need weed control?

Yes! Weeds, when left unchecked, suck the nutrients, space and water from the surrounding plants – and in some cases, if they become overpowering – they can kill plants too, and not forget the various pests and diseases brought in by weeds.

What are the weed control methods used by experts of Amherst Landscaping?

We use a wide range of weed control techniques and weed control products to get rid of the weed. However, to simplify things, we have classified weed control into 5 different categories and explained them below.


  1. Preventive weed control

This weed control method is aimed to prevent weeds in cultivated crops, pastures and greenhouses where pre-emergent weed control products are applied by our professionals.


  1. Cultural weed control

The cultural methods of weed control techniques are focused on resorting to garden and lawn care maintenance so that the weeds don’t get the chance to get established and increase in number. Crop rotation is the best way to approach this category of weed control.


  1. Mechanical weed control

In this weed control technique, we use mechanical weed control equipment to control weeds.


  1. Biological weed control

In this technique, we resort to the help of grazing animals and garden-friendly insects (natural enemies of weed) and let nature take its natural course.


  1. Chemical weed control

Here we use chemical weed control spray to help control the germination and growth of weeds.

Get weed-free lawn today!

Book the expert services of Amherst Landscaping and get the ultimate solution for weed. Being one of the best weed control company at Amherst, our professionals are well-accustomed with the ways to control weed and prevent them from distorting your lawn and your property.

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