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Common Lawn Diseases: Know From Landscape and Lawn Services Near Me

Landscape and Lawn Services Near Me – Different weather conditions cause different diseases. A little knowledge about the symptoms will help you a lot to protect your lawn. You can hire us for regular landscaping and lawn care.

Here I will tell you about 3 such diseases and it’s cure.

  1. Brown Patch – 

Signs – First you can see spots on leaf blades. Slowly the entire leaf will turn brown. You will find irregular circular brown patches surrounded by dark narrow rings, around the lawn. 

Cure – Applying phosphorus, potassium, and limestone helps prevent it from spreading. You may need a soil test from Landscape and Lawn Services in Ankeny. Late summer and fall will give a better result.

  1. Pink Snow Mold – 

Signs – Circular patches with reddish-pink margins. Occurs in cool humid places. 

Cure – Applying thiophanate-methyl fungicide helps. You can rake the affected area. You may need to mow several times. Call Amherst Landscaping for any such Landscape and Lawn Services. 

  1. Dollar Spot – 

Signs – Small, round, dollar-sized sunken patches. It tends to occur after extremely humid weather. 

Cure – Keep your turfgrass height 3-4 inches. Don’t cut it too short. Hire a professional to take care of your lawn in Des Moines. Fertilize a lawn and landscape regularly. If you cannot bring out time, don’t hesitate to call us for any kind of landscaping and lawn care.


Get Healthy Lawn: Ask landscapes company Near Me


A professional lawn care program will help you maintain a lush green lawn throughout the year. Whether it is about a troubled piece of land or a normal one, Landscape and Lawn Services from us will provide you A to Z services — all that’s expected from landscaping and lawn care job description. We know how much a lawn and landscape matter to you. That’s why our landscapes company takes you very seriously. 


How our Landscape and Lawn Services help you


Our lawn care and residential landscaping services keep you worry-free. The experts in our team always identify the diseases early, long before they devastate your lawn. Right from sight visiting to finishing off with the task, we take care of every detail as the most trusted landscapes company in the USA.

Know how we work –

  • Watering – Watering correctly is the most important thing. Lack of watering or an excess of it is harmful. Our professionals know the correct time of watering and the measurement too. 
  • Feeding – Timely fertilizing your lawn will give you a healthy velvety lawn throughout the year. It will catch parasites as well. But remember, overdoing it will ruin the business. Our experts understand ‘when’ and ‘how much’ facts very well. 
  • Mowing – A strict mowing schedule is very important but you cannot take out proper time for that due to your busy schedule. Therefore, trust our Landscape and Lawn Services to get the job done for you.

Last Words

No matter how much you try, there will always remain a huge difference between handling your lawn on your own and handing it by professionals who are in the landscaping business for a long. It will not only save your time, your effort and leave you stress-free regarding landscaping and lawn care, but also it will bring out the best results, adding to the green life of your lawn.

Give us a call if you need services in Kenmore, Amherst, or Williamsville, USA. We operate in the adjoining areas too.

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