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8 Tips To Keep Your Garden Healthy

We all want to see our garden healthy and thriving. Basic garden maintenance is essential in ensuring the health of your plants, trees, soil and flowers all year around.  

 So, how do you exactly give your garden the love it deserves to keep blooming? 

To see greater and consistent rewards from your garden – here are 8 simple yet impactful ways suggested by certified landscapers in Amherst NY to keep the garden in top shape.

  • Water Correctly 

Watering your greens properly is the most essential way to keep them growing and surviving. On the other hand, too much moisture can foster the growth of diseases. 

Drip irrigation and soaker hoses can be useful in managing the moisture in the foliage. If you’re using a watering can, hold the leaves in place to hydrate the roots directly. 

It’s best to water in the morning. Also, Avoid overhead sprinkling.

2. Look Out For Bugs

Insects can cause more damage to plants than what’s visible to the eye. They open up spaces for viruses and bacteria. Aphids and thrips are common carriers of viruses, which can stress plants and cause wilting and death. 

To prevent pest infestation, implement strict prevention measures like period pruning and save on costly pest removal solutions.

3. Use The Right Fertilizer 

Fertilizers are the best way to encourage the growth of your plants. However overfertilization can cause root burns and make your plant vulnerable to heat, cold and stress. 

Do a small soil test to find out which nutrients are best for your plants – and the correct amount.  Also, check your plant’s appearance to determine whether it’s necessary to fertilize them. Look out for symptoms (like light green or yellow foliage, smaller leaves, fewer blooms, dead spots, withering of the leaves, short wig growth, or branch drying back.

4. Choose Disease Resistant Plants 

These plants have an immune system that protects them from pests and diseases. Some plants shoot out new roots or shoots to withstand pest problems . Others produce substances that lessen insect feeding.

You can take the help of expert Landscapers Amherst NY to help you identify the best disease resistant plant for your garden.

5. Plant Them on The Right Side

The place where your plant is placed has a crucial impact on its growth. Unfavorable conditions can hinder your plant’s immune system functioning.

6. Keep Space Between Plants 

 This  is necessary to help your plant grow well and give them enough area to spread. It is important to improve the airflow in your garden and help the plants get the necessary water, light and nutrients without compromising.

7. Make Sure Your Yard Waste are Fully Decomposed

Not all composite materials decompose at the same rate. Some take time to decompose completely, while others can decompose just enough to be used in the garden.

Exposing your compost pile to high temperatures can prevent the growth of diseases. If you think your composite pile is infected, don’t use it as mulch.

8. Prune at The Right Time 

Trim the diseased and damaged tree limbs during late winter. This prevents diseases and infections from affecting new growth in spring.

 Use sharp tools for fast-healing cuts to prune your trees and shrubs. You can consult garden maintenance Amherst NY experts to help you maintain the shape of your plants. 

If you’re looking for experienced Landscapers Amherst NY who can help you maintain the vibe of your garden contact Amherst Landscaping. We provide the best Landscaping Service In Amherst NY for residential properties.

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