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Top Reasons Why Lawns Hate (And Love) Earthworms

Very few of us love broccoli, right? But we also know that the funny-looking green is full of goodness that our body needs. Well, the same goes for the earthworm. Not good for you, but for your yard.

As per the best lawn care company in Amherst, earthworms in lawn work wonders. The presence of worms in your yard is a strong indicator that your lawn is loving life. But at the same time, lawns loathe earthworms too. 

Let’s know in detail what are the pros and cons of earthworms in your yard.

Benefits Of Earthworms In Lawn

Boosts Soil Health

Worm castings can increase the soil fertility of lawns and here’s how they do it: The earthworms in lawn consume soil and organic matter. As this matter digests in their system, it becomes concentrated with more beneficial nutrients. That ultimately gets mixed up with the soil again.

Eats Away Thatch

Earthworms love to snack on the thatch. Thin layers of thatch are good for lawns. But when it becomes thicker, it puts more stress on the lawn. It also shelters pests and diseases. So, earthworms on the lawn put a check on these overgrown thatches.

Repairs Topsoil

The topsoil is the outermost layer of soil. The more fertile the topsoil, the better the crop and plant growth. Earthworms in the lawn rejuvenate the topsoil with their nutrient-rich castings. So, homeowners must encourage controlled earthworm activity on their lawns.

Provides Organic Mulch

The earthworm castings in yards can work as mulch too. Once the castings dry, pick them up and toss them all over your garden. You can also mix them with your compost pile.

How To Entice Earthworms In Lawn?

Hearing the benefits earthworms bring to your lawns, we’re sure you’re planning to Google ways to boost their activity in your yard. Skip all that work and follow the tips below to invite earthworms into the lawn –

  • Make the soil pH level between 6.0-and 7.0.
  • Supply them with organic matter to feed on.
  • Keep lawns aerated and soil moist.
  • Don’t till the soil.

Reasons Why Lawns Hates Earthworms

Earthworms in lawn are sure helpful but too much of it is bad. Check why –

Hideous Castings

A few castings in the yard are not too displeasing to eyes. But if your lawn has worm castings all over it, it automatically  takes down the aesthetic appeal of yards. Instead of appreciating the charm of your yards, your guests will run away from it.

Uninvited Guests

Earthworms attract hungry feeders like moles and armadillos. These animals tear up your pretty lawns searching for worms, destroying all your hard lawn care work.

How To Control Earthworms In Lawn?

You certainly don’t want to wipe the worms completely. All you need is to control and keep the earthworm population lower. Here’s how you do it –

  • Don’t overwater lawns.
  • Manually remove worms occasionally.
  • Cut down the thatch level from lawns.

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Earthworms need help to do good for your lawns. Call our professional gardeners to help assist the hard-working worms. We let the worms work their charm on your lawns without letting them over-populate.

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