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Best lawn care company in Amherst

The Best Lawn Care Company In Amherst: 5 Winter Care Essentials To Look For

Best Lawn Care Company In Amherst – Holidays and lawn mowing! That’s a common chore for most homeowners in Amherst. And truly speaking, not everyone enjoys the task but they have to for the sake of their lawn health. 

And for the lazybones, the onset of winter means to pack off their lawnmowers and chill for months. As a result, the lawn remains unattended and eventually it gets ruined. 

So, this winter, don’t let your lawn lay there without any care. Let the best lawn care company in Amherst work its magic on that lawn.

Why hire the best land care company in Amherst for seasonal lawn care? 

Getting landscaping and lawn services in Amherst for winter lawn care is a thought all homeowners must ponder. Winter lawn care shouldn’t be so intensive as summer and spring lawn care. However, taking care of a few things can give you that green and luscious lawn throughout winter.

According to a survey, homeowners spend almost 70 hours a year mending their lawns. Well, that’s too much blood, sweat, and tears. Instead, let the professional lawn care business take over the hard work while you spend your weekends relaxing.

What’s more?

DIY lawn care can cost you a lot more than professional lawn care services. The best lawn care products and equipment can burn a hole in your pockets. Well, that is not what you want to set your heart on, right? Then, search for the lawn care companies near me. When you hire the best lawn care company in Amherst, all you need is to wait for a mesmerizing lawn.

Let us tell you, if you are planning to hire professionals for landscaping & lawn care in Amherst, Amherst Landscaping would make a perfect choice!

It is the best lawn care company in Amherst that provides the most extensive and flawless lawn care services.

So, now as you’ve got the best lawn care company in Amherst all set to work on your lawn, let’s get to know a bit more about their winter services. 

Make sure best lawn care company in Amherst take care of these 5 winter care essentials

1. Mow before it gets too cold

Your grass needs mowing for one last time before the winter sets its foot. But, don’t overdo it. So, professional lawn services in my area should be taking care of the same.

2. Tidy up the debris

Don’t let the fallen leaves and storm debris lie in your lawn throughout winter. The leaves will suffocate your grass and won’t allow sunlight to get to it. Lawn treatment companies with best lawn care products and equipment make sure your winter lawn is cleared off the debris. 

3. Aerating your lawn

Never miss out on the opportunity to aerate your lawn before winter. This will allow the right nutrients and air to penetrate the grassroots. All residential lawn care services near me provide this essential service along with other lawn care features.

4. Fertilizing after aerating

Done with aerating your grass? Now feed the fertilizer to the roots of the grass. You want the roots to get stronger and healthier by next summer, don’t you? Look for the best lawn fertilizer company near me and get this done right away before winter hits harder.

5. Snow and ice chemicals must be limited

Stop the harsh ice chemicals from scarring and killing your delicate grass. Spare the grassy areas while using the chemicals.

Another pro-tip – ask your lawn care professional to use eco-friendly chemicals!

The best lawn care company in Amherst knows how to do these the right way.

Get in touch with the best lawn care company in Amherst

Amherst Landscaping is the best among the lawn treatment companies to prepare your ward for winter. Get in touch with the experts today for a free on-site visit and get the estimate of lawn care services as per your needs.

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