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9 Instant And Simple Tips For Lawn Mowing

Lawn mowing is the act of cutting down your grass with a mechanical device. You need lawn mowing service in Amherst when you’ve overgrown grass in your yard. 

You must do lawn mowing in a systematic manner, or else you may end up with an uneven yard or even injure yourself. With a professional lawn mowing service, you can be sure to get top-notch mowing work. However, whether you do it yourself or hire a professional, there are some simple and instant tips that we’ve collected for you while lawn mowing.

9 simple tips to follow while lawn mowing

1. Avoid grass scalping

Grass scalping means cutting the turf too close or too low to the ground. Scalping the grass can excessively expose your grass to the sun which can scorch it to death.

Scalping can also make your turf vulnerable to weed infestation and diseases. You can avoid such scalping errors with professional mowing from “Amherst Landscaping”. 

2. Regular Mowing

Regular mowing is a must for every homeowner with a lawn yard. When done on time, your grass can become drought resistant, healthy, thick and full. You should follow your mowing routines in the morning and make sure to cut only one-third of the grass height every session. 

Hiring a residential lawn mowing service in Amherst is a better option for regular mowing. 

3. Keeping sharp blades

Make sure to use sharp blades while cutting grass. Blunt blades can harm your yard. There are risks of pulling and ripping your grass rather than a clean cut with a dull blade. And torn-up grasses do not serve a great look to your yard.

4. Height of the lawn mower

The height of the mower should be well adjusted before starting with the process. Our professionals cut the grass only at the correct height. 

5. Check your geography

The location of your lawn matters a lot too. You want to cut the shaded lawn area grass shorter than the ones growing under the open sun. 

Amherst Landscaping considers the geography before proceeding with the mowing pattern or style. You can get better insights from us on how to carry on with lawn mowing as per your location.

6. Avoid wet mowing

You should mow your grass only when it dries up. If it’s wet then there can be risks for you as well as the grass. Wet grass may clog and cling to the engine body and mower blades. 

Wet grasses can also form lumps that may later smother your grass. We offer proper lawn mowing only on dry lawns. 

7. A mulch-mower

A mulch-mower recycles your cut grass by spraying them onto your lawn yard after proper mulching. Hire Amherst landscaping – the best landscaping & lawn care in Amherst that offers mulch-mowing services and bid goodbyes to your worries.

8. Maintain a mowing pattern

Make sure to follow a pattern of mowing. Your yard needs different patterns of mowing in different seasons. At Amherst Landscaping, we make sure to not invite soil compaction by mowing in the wrong patterns. We understand that compacted soil results in less air, nutrients, and air into the soil of your lawn.

9. Hire a professional

Hiring a professional can give you the best tips for lawn mowing as they have the essential skills and experience to deliver proper lawn mowing. Amherst Landscaping has been serving successfully with excellent lawn outcomes across Amherst for years. Hiring our services also ends you up with fewer lawn mowing mistakes.

Contact Amherst Landscaping instantly for any lawn care requirements!

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