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Landscapers Vs. Gardeners: Whom Should You Hire?

When you need professional help to get your yard in order: whom should you call? 

Most homeowners consider “gardening” as an enjoyable activity where they spend time cultivating a flower or veggie garden and “landscaping” the other less satisfying work that they think about hiring out. 

Both of these are skilled professionals and sometimes they perform the same task like weeding, mulching and planting. Yet both their occupations and functions are very different. 

To gain a better understanding of the roles of landscapers & gardeners in Amherst NY, let’s take a deeper look at them.

What Does A Landscaper Do? 

 A landscaper is responsible for upkeep of gardens, plant areas, and other outdoor facilities. Their tasks include reviewing and adjusting landscape designs, assessing garden layouts, building irrigation systems, sustaining plant growth, and applying fertilizers. 

Landscapers in Amherst are also responsible for pulling weeds, pruning overgrown plants, inspecting flaws in landscaping equipment, and coordinating with design professionals. 

What Does A Gardener Do?

Gardeners are skilled professionals who are in charge of regulating the wellbeing of plants and trees while maintaining the aesthetics of a garden.  They possess in-depth knowledge about pruning methods, soil health, seasonal upkeep, insect control and plant care. 

Gardens know how to take care of plants to ensure their health, growth, and overall appearance. 

Responsibilities Of A Landscaper 

Manage all landscape activities, including pressure washing and seasonal cleaning.

  • Manage hardscape installation project.
  • Use motorized tools like edgers, tractors, snow blowers, chainsaws, sod cutters, etc.
  • Install hardscaping elements, plants, and landscape lightning.
  • Prune small trees and shrubs, weed removal, lawn mowing.

In summary, landscapers focus on transforming the overall landscape, including the layout, structure, and functionality of your outdoor environment.

Responsibilities Of A Gardener

  • Manage hardscaping installation projects and teams.
  • Maintaining lawns and other green spaces
  • Monitor and maintain the health of plants 
  • Mulch, edge, and weed garden 
  • Deal with pest problems that could damage the plants

Design Vs. Maintenance 

The fundamental difference between landscapers & gardeners in Amherst NY lies in their area of expertise – design versus maintenance.

 A landscaper is skilled at planning and designing aesthetically pleasing outdoor environments, whereas a gardener excels at preserving the existing flora with proper care.

Creative Vision Vs. Horticulture Knowledge 

Professional landscapers bring creative vision to outdoor projects using their knowledge to improve the overall aesthetics and functionality of the landscape. They consider different elements like textures, color schemes, spatial planning, and outdoor living areas to create a cohesive and welcoming environment.

On the other hand, gardeners rely on horticulture knowledge to nurture plants and maintain their health and vitality.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, the distinction between landscapers & gardeners in Amherst NY lies in their core expertise, responsibility, and focus area. While landscaping companies Amherst NY can completely transform your outdoor landscape, gardening services Amherst NY take care of the plants and greenery within the landscape with precision and skill. 

Whether you need landscapers or gardeners for your services, get in touch with Amherst Landscaping and let professionals tackle your project and create a thriving outdoor space. Connect and get your FREE quotation today!

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