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Elegant and Classy Landscape installation service in Amherst, NY

Create the stunning landscape of your dreams by infusing sophisticated hardscape structures that emanate class and elegance. Our Landscaping Services in Amherst combines usefulness and luxury with classic elegance. We design and build hardscape structures that are functional and visually appealing, we design the perfect landscape with your vision and preference in mind, balancing all the elements of landscape with an underlying theme of your dreams.

Durable and Unique landscape installation service in Amherst, NY

We make your outdoors come alive with sophisticated hardscape designs, we have a team of committed professional landscapers, who work towards bringing to you the ultimate landscaping experience. We provide all types of garden services We plant trees, trim hedges, install flower beds, take up all kinds of hardscape installations, design and install custom patios, do all types of fencing and decking, build brick walls, fountain installation, fancy design inclusion, garden segmentation, and boundary wall installation. The quality of your soil and fertilize it accordingly, we use organic pest control on your soil to inhibit the growth of weeds.

Weed Control Services in Amherst, NY

Weeds obstruct the growth of grass, they use up all the water and resources needed by your grass, and your lawn needs to be free of weeds for the grass to thrive. We help you maintain your garden beds, by helping you plant the less invasive perennials, we also offer mulching services to suppress the growth of weeds.

Sidewalks and Driveways service in Amherst, NY

We design and build sidewalks and driveways that are appealing and tough enough to withstand the flow of vehicles, we build elegant and functional retaining walls that add definition to your property, and our stylish and custom patios are very popular among our clients. 

SOD Installation in Amherst, Kenmore and Williamsville, NY

We install amazing lawns by using sod grass that is grown best by professional farmers, if you try to DIY lawns they don’t grow evenly, the result is patchy grass in your lawns. We install high-quality sod, and give you instant lawns, without having you worry about anything, we take care of all the irrigation and complete maintenance of the lawn.  

Commercial and Residential Snow Removal services

welcome your winters, without worrying about the snow. We have an experienced workforce that is trained and equipped to deal with any amount of snow accumulation. We make sure you get back to your regular life very quickly. We do quality work and complete our tasks on time, and we use the best equipment to complete the task at hand. Amherst Landscaping is the snow removal service provider and best landscaping company in the region. We provide premium-quality landscaping service at affordable prices.

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