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Create Focal Points and Draw Attention to the Best Part of Your Landscape

Creating focal points makes your landscape look organized, and draws attention to the most appealing aspect of your landscape.

Add Stunning Water Features

The sound of cascading water brings a sense of freshness to your landscape. Water features are the most commonly used focal feature by homeowners, they bring calmness and serenity to the surrounding area. And create an ambiance of healing and relaxation.

Lighting and illumination

You can place your beautiful plants and use lighting to illuminate the space in a creative way. Focus on the beauty of your plants, and make sure you do not add too many varieties, use similar ones to create a sense of harmony  

Sculpture and Hardscape structure

Place a beautiful piece of art, a sculpture, or a hardscape structure, in combination with the water feature or lighting. Unique hardscape designs create an opportunity for you to express your creative ideas.

Rocks for a rugged look

Use rocks with water features and plants to create a natural-looking, unique focal point, you can also add perennials around it to make it look vibrant and colorful.

Avoid Visual Confusion

Create just one focal point in your landscape, do not create multiple focal points, by doing so the harmony of the landscape will be disturbed, the space will look cluttered, and create a visually confusing effect.

Professional Landscaping Services in Amherst, NY

Amherst Landscaping offers tree planting services, tree trimming, installation of flower beds, patio designing, installation of fences and decks, brick walls, fountain installation, and boundary installation, we also build virtually appealing hardscape structures, the best landscaping company in Amherst, NY when it comes to quality service at affordable rates.

SOD Installation in Amherst, Kenmore, and Williamsville, NY

We create lush green lawns using our sod installations, we provide premium quality sod, grown by experienced farmers. 

Weed Control Services in Amherst, NY

Weeds hinder the growth of grass, and your lawn must be free of weeds for it to grow. We provide emergency weed control service and regular weed control service. We prep up your soil for a weed-free healthy lawn, and our experts are well-trained to eliminate native weeds in the local area of Amherst. 

Snow Removal in Amherst NY

We provide snow removal services in commercial and residential places and see that the work is done with absolute precision. We provide quality service and complete it on time, we use the best tools and techniques to complete the task at hand. Our services are reasonably priced. We help you with tree cutting and land clearing, as a part of snow removal services, if required, we help you clear the debris of heavily damaged trees due to snow, to eliminate any further damage and make your place easily accessible for regular use. In all this, we are committed to helping you get back to your regular work. for premium-quality landscape service in Amherst, NY and the neighboring area, call us at  716 235 1333.

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