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5 Solutions to Handling Tricky Landscapes

Which landscape doesn’t have a problem area?

A rocky spot, sloping ground, and heavily shaded area – common problematic scenarios, isn’t it?

But fortunately, we have Amherst Landscaping’s services. Their landscaping and lawn services in Amherst are perfect for dealing with such problematic areas. 

Want to know how they do it all? Then, read on below!

A vibrant rocky garden

Are rocky slopes causing problems for you?

Then, let the best landscaping service in Amherst landscape be an enticing rock garden. They can use up the rocky terrain to its best.

With the landscaping and lawn services in Amherst, you no longer have to fight rocky terrains. You can rather beautify it with a vibrant garden. The combination of rocks and plants enhances the aesthetic appeal of yards. 

Rocky gardens on flat land also look amazing. Plant up the rock crevices with weather-tolerant plants.


Is rock gardening not your cup of tea?

Then, no worries! Consider xeriscaping. 

Xeriscaping works best in the overt sunny areas. 

Got one in your yard? Then spruce it up with xeriscaping. 

Xeriscapes are not just for drought-plagued areas. It can bring out its benefits to yards too. 

The lawn and landscape services near me use native plants in xeriscaping. The couple that up with an efficient irrigation plan to cut off the water needs. It is easier to maintain and is an eco-friendly way of landscaping. 

So, let the residential landscaping services plant low maintenance and drought-tolerant xeriscaping perennials. They can pair that up with a suitable irrigation system.

Amherst Landscaping can group radiant xeriscaping plants with similar irrigation needs to save up time and money.

Wetland plants

Got an area with excess water runoff? Then, you must surely be envious of your neighbor’s dry yards.  

Stop fussing about it! 

The landscaping and lawn services in Amherst can rid of the wetness problem. They can make it usable by installing a French drain. 

But are you being a green lover? 

Then Amherst Landscaping can install some wetland plants for you. These wetland plants grow perfectly even at the bogginess of the soil.

Shade-loving plants

Got a shady corner in your yard? Then, spice it up with some bold and beautiful shade-loving plants. The landscaping and lawn services in Amherst can perfectly mix and match shade-tolerant perennials in your yards.

Amherst Landscaping can plant these shade-loving plants in your yard. Try out this new idea and brighten up dark spots in your garden –

1. Hostas

This foliage plant hosta works perfectly on shade gardens with moist soil. The gardeners of Amherst Landscaping can plant these hostas in a variety of shades.

2. Ligularia

The “leopard plant” ligularia makes a perfect option for shade gardens. These flowers grow perfectly in partially shaded areas.

3. Viola

The landscaping and lawn services in Amherst can plant 500 species of Viola in yards. However, certain viola species require full shade to grow. So, let the lawn care business plant the perfect ones for your shady gardens. 

Build retaining walls

Got a rocky problem area in your yard?

Just like we mentioned, you can opt-out of rock gardens. Or else, build retaining walls to keep a check on erosion. 

Retaining walls can magnify the beauty of the landscaping. It even provides a wall for paver patios and driveways. 

Thus, take advantage of sloppy areas with aesthetic retaining walls.

Hire Amherst Landscaping to landscape the problematic areas

Next time you got a problematic area in your yard, call up the adept landscapers of Amherst Landscaping. They can cover up the ugly problematic areas with their stunning landscaping ideas.

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