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Amherst Landscaping- Landscaping Service That Will Transform Your Outdoors

Reputed for the stunning hardscaping structures, and appealing landscaping designs, Amherst Landscaping, provides the best fusion of hardscaping and soft landscaping to its clients in Amherst, NY.

We follow a four-step method to deliver our services

  • We visit your place and understand your vision and requirement 
  • We get a clear idea about the specific details of how you want your vision to be accomplished. 
  • We give you an accurate estimate of the time and resources required to complete the task. 
  • We implement our project and complete the project within the estimated time

Efficient and affordable Landscaping service in Amherst, NY

We transform your outdoors with our innovative designs, we have dedicated craftsmen and professional landscapers, who work towards giving the best landscaping experience to our clients.

We do tree planting, hedge trimming, installation of flower beds, patio designing, fencing and decking, brick walls, fountain installation, fancy design inclusion, garden segmentation, and boundary installation, we install sophisticated hardscape structures, if you are on a hunt for the best landscaping company in Amherst, NY then we Amherst Landscaping is the one for you.

Best Lawn Care Service Provider in Amherst, NY

Amherst Landscaping has been providing high-quality and affordable lawn care services for the last 5 years, in Amherst, Williamsville, and Kenmore. We do complete lawn care from mowing your lawns to irrigation, turf maintenance, fertilization, pest control, and soil testing. 

We help you create the lawn of your dreams by installing high-quality sod, we take care of your regular lawn maintenance, and our lawn care experts mow your lawns perfectly, we check the quality of your soil and fertilize it appropriately, and we also test the soil and use the right type of pest control. 

Premium SOD Installation in Amherst, Kenmore and Williamsville, NY

Growing a lawn from grass seeds takes immense effort and patience, and it is best done by professional farmers, we install high-quality sod, and give you instant lawns, without having you worry about anything.  

Weed Control Services in Amherst, NY

Weeds hinder the growth of grass, and your lawn needs to be free of weeds for it to flourish. We offer emergency weed control service, as well as regular weed control service. We also prepare your soil for a weed-free healthy lawn, and our experts are well-trained to handle native weeds in this region 

Commercial and Residential Snow Removal services in Amherst, NY

We take full responsibility for the snow removal and ensure that the work is done with absolute precision. We do quality work and complete it on time, and we use the best tools and techniques to complete the task at hand. Amherst Landscaping is the best landscaping company and snow removal service provider in the region.

 Our services are affordable; we also help you with tree removal and land clearing, associated with snow removal services, we help you clear the trees and shrubs that are heavily damaged due to snow, this will eliminate any further damage and make your place easily accessible for regular use.   

We provide premium-quality landscape service, call us at 

716 235 1333 or email us at

We would love to hear from you!

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