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How to Design Yards For Enjoying Blooms For All Seasons?

Landscaping service Depew NY:

Want to grow a garden that blooms year-round? This just doesn’t happen by accident. You need to start with proper planning to keep your garden consistently blooming all seasons. 

If you’re looking for answers to how to design your so that it bursts with color in every season – then this guide is for you! We have put together a list of top tips to keep your garden blooming with bright, beautiful flowers all season long.

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Essential Tips for Your Landscape Blooming All Season 

Successive Blooms 

One of the best residential landscaping Depew, NY tips to enjoy an all-season garden is – to plant a variety of perennials that have different blooming periods. This will make your garden remain green all year round. 

Plan For Spring Gardening in the Fall

Think ahead! Fall is the season to sow the seeds of spring success. Also, perennials planted in the fall bloom the earliest.

Divide The Seasons 

In general, we have four seasons: spring, summer, fall, and winter.. But when it comes to enjoying perennials all year round, you should take a step further and split the spring and summer seasons even further. 

  • Planting bulbs in the fall leads to earlier blooms in the spring.. Hellebores, hepatica, and other winter/early spring flowering plants are great additions to your garden. Forsythia, cherry blossoms, and all other shrubs that flower early.
  • Late spring is the best time to enjoy the garden. The big perennials of the garden are at their peak in late spring. Peonies, irises, oriental poppies, and allium are among the perennials that bloom at this time. This is the time when you can expect to see a lot of blooms.
  • Early summer is the time when you start to transform your spring garden into a garden for summer. The transition is usually seamless because gardens are awash with the new group of flowering plants. These include delphiniums, Shasta daisies, hydrangeas, and lavender.
  • Late Summer is when all summer flowers have faded. Planning is essential at this time of the year. You can include many late-summer options in your garden. Joe Pye, bugbane, coneflowers, and ligularia are my favorite plants to bloom in the late summer.

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By embracing the tips and tricks outlined in this guide, you can turn your yard into a paradise of color that plays throughout the year. Don’t be afraid of experimenting, observing, and adapting your garden over time. With a little planning and dedication, you’ll be rewarded with a breathtaking outdoor space that offers continuous beauty and joy, no matter the season.

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