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Outstanding Hardscaping Ideas to alter the appeal of your property

Hardscaping –  Coming back from home after a tiring day at work calls for a ‘me time’. You look forward to that cup of coffee and the comfy seat in the backyard on your way back. But wait! What do you see when you open that back door? Weeds, unruly branches of trees, dull pavers, and damaged fences? Now that’s not going to relieve your stress, for sure. What you need is a facelift for your landscape.

Do that in a trendy way. Choose from a wide range of hardscaping designs ideas, and change the way your backyard looks.

Top 5 hardscaping ideas

We have come up with a few ideas for you. Check them out and let us know if you want to implement the same in your landscape. Have something else in mind? Share it with us. Experts at Amherst Landscaping are capable of giving any idea the proper shape it deserves. Try us.

Upgrade your driveway

Your house must have a warm and welcoming feel. When you leave the house, you should be waiting to come back. And, a beautifully designed driveway can make you feel this way. The days of simple, paved, or gravel driveways are long gone. Now is the time for materials like cobblestone, stained concrete, sandstone, and brick.

If you are looking for moderate changes keeping the main layout intact, we can design your driveway accordingly. From minimalistic to grand – we can incorporate all kinds of hardscaping options and ideas to lift your space up.

Create a pathway

Having a brisk walk through the garden in the morning is really satisfying. It gives you scope to think, relax and set the right mood for the day. But walking through unmanaged and haphazardly grown plants is not going to make you feel that peace.

Choosing the perfect patterns, textures, colors, and materials, we make innovative walkways for you. And if done the right way, it not only changes the garden appeal but also transforms the whole hardscape picture around your property.

 Go for patio installation

Make your very own lounge area by installing a patio in the backyard, or front yard – the choice is yours. Not all reputed hardscaping companies in the Amherst region can carry out a patio project the way you visualize it. Apart from expertise, experience and knowledge, what the hardscaping company must have is the ability to relate to your visions.

Amherst Landscaping aims at achieving the patio designs and all other hardscaping projects exactly the way you have thought of. A customized patio with a fireplace or an aquarium can add to the curb appeal of the hardscape. And, we can do it with perfection.

Add raised curbs to the hardscaping designs

If you have flower beds or mulched garden areas in your landscape, create an edge around them with raised curbs. Why curbs? Because they’ll protect your flower beds from unconscious treading while adding to the overall appearance of the landscape.

Have no idea about curbs? No worries. Get help from our professionals. They will show you plenty of modern hardscape examples with raised curb designs to help you understand the idea.

What else?

Hardscaping ideas can go on and on forever. There’s no end to creativity, hence, hardscaping designs are also unlimited. And that’s why we don’t force you to choose from our design catalog. You ideate, we create – it’s that simple.

What about hardscaping costs?

Every hardscaping project is unique. The space, materials, needs, and wishes are of numerous varieties. Therefore, without going for an on-site consultation, we don’t promise a price. But, what we can assure you of is, your pocket will permit the price we charge.

Based on the location, size of the project, requirements and volume of the project, the cost may vary. Still, it is always within budget for all. We at Amherst Landscaping want you to get the most out of our services, and making it expensive won’t help us connect, will it?

When you search for ‘hardscaping near me’, our name is likely to be on the top of the list – and that surely talks about our popularity.


Get in touch with the best hardscapers in Amherst. We transform your landscape with innovative hardscaping designs and make it a paradise for you.

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